Making Twitter Bots for Digital and Cultural Literacy

The goal of this workshop is to work with the group to create Twitter bots based on historical and/or literary figures, texts, archives, and other cultural heritage collections to communicate ideas and/or carry out digital activism. The goal is to demonstrate how Twitter bots are easy to create and teach, produce artistically and rhetorically powerful output, and help develop code and digital literacy skills in a humanistic and critical context. The workshop will be structured as follows: participants come prepared having done a brief introductory reading on Twitter bots and filling in a simple worksheet with which they will define a character, text, literary or historical figure, or collection to draw from for their Twitter bot and some sentence templates they will use to generate text. We will dedicate the first 10 minutes to a brief tutorial for creating twitter bots with Cheap Bots, Done Quick!. The participants will dedicate 15-20 minutes to creating their bots (while I provide assistance, encouragement, and ideas). We will then dedicate the remaining time to sharing and briefly discussing a sampling of Twitter bots created. The participants will know how to continue developing their bots on their own time, and they can share the results via Twitter, where we will create and share a list of their bots.

Workshop Leader

Leonardo Flores
Leonardo Flores is an Interim Director and Full Professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico: Mayag├╝ez Campus and Vice President of the Electronic Literature Organization.
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