Mobile Technologies and Composing—Smartphones, Pedagogy, and Social Diversity

In this workshop, participants will engage in several activities that are designed to encourage critical and creative use of mobile technologies in classroom spaces. We will take a critical look at the screens, applications, and tools that shape our daily experiences with mobile technologies. Participants can expect to learn more about what it means to write about and with smartphones. Though this workshop originates from experiences in composition classrooms, these activities apply to any one who writes or assigns writing. These activities are designed to help participants center the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, ability, and class with mobile technologies and composing practices.

Smartphones out. Ringers On. Thumbs in Swipe Position. This workshop is an experimental space where participants will be encouraged to take out their mobile devices and explore.

Workshop Leader

Laura L. Allen
Laura L. Allen is a PhD candidate in the Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy program at The Ohio State University.
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