Open and Critical Pedagogy in K12

K-12 students live in a technologically abundant and highly networked world full of ubiquitous learning opportunities; yet when students go to school they enter another world, a walled garden which often shields them from openly networked learning opportunities. How do we encourage learner voice and agency in K-12 learning environments? How can digital pedagogies support K-12 learner voice and agency? How do we connect formal learning with networked informal learning environments? This workshop will consider how to create safe digital learning spaces where borders between formal and informal learning in networked learning spaces converge.

Participants will collaboratively examine these questions and connect to their current K-12 contexts or alternatively apply K-12 pedagogical ideas into their Higher Educational contexts. The day will focus around two examples, the Gamifi_ED project (a project focused on literacy, gamification, Minecraft and open collaborative learning) and the dPort project—a remix of the Domain of One’s Own projects to develop social reputation and digital identity for High School students using open educational practice OEP. Using the examples as a guide, the workshop activities will scaffold activities which are intentionally designed for sharing, support safe and open learning spaces and encourage participation in digitally connected networks.


Verena Roberts
Verena Roberts is always busy as a passionate K-12 educator, mom, consultant, and currently as a Technology for Learning Specialist with Rocky View Schools in Alberta, Canada.
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