Open Pedagogy

This course is designed to dig deep into the whys and hows of open, and sees openness as a state of mind. As a coming together of various threads of technology, of teaching and of social justice, open pedagogy offers a vision of what a learning ecosystem can look like in a world where information is no longer scarce. We, like those threads, are tangled and tied back by our own traditions, by our classroom customs and by the needs of a system that too often gets tangled up in its own (often well-meaning) bureaucracy. In this course, we’ll explore not only the common understandings of “open” (OER, open education, etc.), and push the boundaries of what “open” means, implies, or results in. When we dig deep down into the roots of open two strong themes emerge. From the open university we have “widening participation”—how can we be open to more people joining the conversation on a more equal footing? From the open source software community we have the removal of legal obstacles to people having access to content.

We’ll inspect our own resistances to open pedagogy, and reflect on how to embrace or learn from open pedagogy in ways constructive to our own teaching, research, and scholarship. For example, participants will:

  • Inspect the dangers of openness untethered from values
  • Explore the community of learning as the curriculum
  • Ask whether openness is antithetical to assessment

We will work together to understand how each of us is situated in our own view of openness. The core of this course will be worked out and negotiated among us, as we confront different conceptual challenges and find practical solutions that can be rolled out into our various contexts. This course is ideal for educators at all levels, instructional designers, librarians, and administrators hoping to explore open pedagogy within the context of their institutions.


Dave Cormier
As a change leader, an educational researcher and a learning community advocate Dave Cormier has worked with groups around the world to understand how learning has been impacted by our access to connective technologies.
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