How to Participate in DPL 2021

When Digital Pedagogy Lab, like so many educational programs, went online during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the director of the Lab insisted that—somehow—the sense of community we had all enjoyed when the event was on campus could be preserved digitally. This year, to support the community of collaboration that's at the heart of the Lab, faculty and participants alike will be using Yellowdig, a digital discussion platform.

Yellowdig is an official sponsor of Digital Pedagogy Lab 2021. If you ever have a problem with the platform, email

Here's how to get started with Yellowdig

On July 26, 2021 (in North America), you will receive an invitation to join Yellowdig. This invitation will come through your email, and will look something like this:

Invitation email with a blue "Click to Join" button

When you "Click to Join," you'll find yourself at a screen like this:

Click the blue Join button to become part of the Digital Pedagogy Lab Yellowdig community.

And you'll want to click to join again.

Once inside of Yellowdig, you won't see too much yet. However, you'll also receive two more invites in your email. The first of these will be to join the Auditorium, which is the gathering place for everyone attending this year's Lab.

Click on the blue "Click to Join" button to accept the invitation.

The second of these will be an invitation to join the Yellowdig community specific to your track. Note: You won't receive an invitation to your cohort until August 1!

You will have to Click to Join all of these if you wish to participate fully in Digital Pedagogy Lab.

When you join a community, you'll see a screen like this:

Click the blue Join button to enter the community.

Once you have joined the Auditorium and the community specific to your track, you'll be able to jump in and start using Yellowdig.

Using Yellowdig once you've logged in

Once inside Yellowdig, you'll find that it's a really easy platform to use. Here's short video to help explain:

What if I have problems?

Digital platforms, no matter how well designed, can nevertheless give us trouble. For instance, when you go to log into Yellowdig, you may see a screen like this:

The "You are not logged in" screen, with a blue "here" login link.

You can simply click on the blue "here" in the text at the top of the message to log in.

If you continue to have trouble logging in, contact Yellowdig help desk at

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