Pedagogy is praxis, the intersection between the philosophy and practice of teaching. It involves recursive, second-order, meta-level work that actively investigates teaching and learning. In this track, we will explore philosophies of teaching, our own and others. We will think specifically about the ways our pedagogies are reflected in the specific choices we make as teachers. We will discuss and experiment with various technological tools from the chalkboard to moveable chairs, computers, mobile devices, social media platforms, and learning management systems. Individual sessions and workshops will focus on teaching philosophies, in-room, hybrid and online teaching techniques, discernment practices for including digital tools in tracks, FERPA, digital writing and creation, and discussions of the impact of the digital on traditional and critical pedagogies.


Jesse Stommel
Jesse Stommel is co-founder of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Hybrid Pedagogy: an open-access journal of learning, teaching, and technology.
Sean Michael Morris
Sean Michael Morris is the director of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Senior Instructor in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Colorado Denver.
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