Praxis of Virtually Connecting

This hybrid workshop takes participants through a three-tier process. They will hear about Virtually Connecting as a movement that challenges the status quo in the pursuit of expanding access to professional development: the what and why. Participants will have opportunities to talk with virtual presenters (Kristen Eshleman, Michael Berman, Apostolos Koutropoulos and Maha Bali) in an empathy experiment about the experience of attending conferences virtually and how VC can be digital praxis, making suggestions of how to improve upon it or expand this praxis to different fields where there is inequitable access to learning. Participants will also watch a Virtually Connecting session (with special onsite guests Audrey Watters and Jesse Stommel) in progress, while team members describe what's happening and why. Join or watch live / recorded.

Workshop Leader

Autumm Caines
Autumm Caines is an Instructional Designer at the University of Michigan - Dearborn in the Hub for Teaching and Learning Resources.
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