Reclaiming Intellectual Property and the Public Domain for Students, Teachers, and Scholars

Too often, discussions of copyright law within the academy cast students, teachers, and scholars as users rather than creators of intellectual property. Further, to the extent these discussions focus solely on the law, they ignore how educational technologies and platforms—from Microsoft Word to Brightspace, from Canvas to InDesign—regulate the composition of and access to academic work products. In this workshop, participants will develop a basic overview of the law and a common sense framework for thinking through the FAQs of copyright (e.g., Is this work protected? Is this use fair? How do I protect my own work?). We will also explore why teachers, scholars, and instructional designers must take into account students' rights as intellectual property creators when we are making decisions about the technologies we use in our work.

Workshop Leader

Robin Wharton
Robin Wharton holds a PhD and a JD from The University of Georgia, and she is currently a lecturer in English at Georgia State University.
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