Registration Open for Digital Pedagogy Lab 2020

Digital Pedagogy Lab is excited to announce that registration is now open for the 2020 event taking place July 27-31 at the University of Colorado Denver. This year’s event, presented by the School of Education and Human Development at CU Denver, will welcome more than 30 faculty and fellows to teach 16 courses and an array of workshops, all centered on the intersections of digital learning, social justice, and K-20 education. The gathering will include educators from all over the globe—instructors, K12 teachers, librarians, instructional and learning designers, students, administrators, and more.

Digital Pedagogy Lab looks from all appearances to be a professional development event replete with speakers and sessions. On par with events like #RealCollege and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute. But in fact, the Lab is a classroom. A little, brief school that happens where and when it must, and for whom might need it. It has cropped up in Toronto, Vancouver, Cairo and Coventry, in Delaware and Ohio. And for the last five years, during five days in summer, DPL has transformed its home campus into a summer camp, where connections can be made, relationships forged, ideas unhatched and tested.

This will be the first year the Lab will live in Denver, taking place on Auraria Campus, which is home to three unique colleges: Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University, and CU Denver. Mere blocks from the thriving and diverse downtown Denver, Auraria Campus is the perfect home for the Lab, representing not only a rich history of education in the city, but also a gathering place for teachers and learners, K-20+, on an urban campus that welcomes everyone.

Participants at the Lab sign up for one “course,” or track, specific to their research interests, teaching area, or imaginative impulses. Courses vary from the highly practical, like Inclusive Design, to the erudite, like Digital Scholarship, to the experimental, like Pre-K20 Recess: Play in the Time of Testing. Once in a course, attendees form a cohort and learn, collaborate, and teach each other in that cohort for the entire duration of the Lab. Breakfast, lunch, special workshops, keynotes, and other events during the Lab bring everyone together for dialogue, sharing, networking, and building community.

Welcomeness is central to the practice at every Digital Pedagogy Lab event. While the Lab may look like a series of steps—blocks of time spent in discussion, study, listening to lectures, committing to collaborations—the truth of design is not in the practiced components, but in the felt components. Welcomeness is the implementation of a comfortable, safe, challenging, adoring, and responsive environment.

At Digital Pedagogy Lab, this shows up as:

  • Food that is free, healthy, safe for people with allergies, intolerances, and preferences, and that nourishes the mind as well as the senses.
  • Spaces that provide for reflection, conversation, collaboration, creation, and retreat.
  • As much as possible, a red carpet rolled out for people of every shape, size, gender (or non-gender), mental and emotional capacity and orientation, educational status, social status, color, belief, background, love, and disposition.
  • Access to water, caffeine, rest, and kindness.

At DPL, we believe that when you create a space where people feel free to join, free to experiment, free to voice themselves, free to try, free to fail, free to succeed, free to change—and reinforce that space with a foundation of generosity, kindness, care, hospitality—you also create a space where the new, the inventive, the generative and creative—in other words, the necessary—can emerge.

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