Social Media Pedagogy

In the past decade, the term “disruption” became the go-to buzzword to describe how technological advances are employed to throw monkey wrenches into the machinations of institutions that were previously viewed as indomitable, including academic ones. Within this zeitgeist, social media platforms have become powerful vehicles for disseminating information (whether that information is factual or not) and developing learning communities outside of traditional educational organizations. Educators who already use digital pedagogies in their instruction or use social media to further their scholarly trajectories are poised to harness social media’s knowledge sharing power by developing their own online learning communities through social media based pedagogies.

During this 150-minute activity-based workshop, participants will plan and create social media “classrooms” that can deliver course content, or channel new students into existing courses. We will explore how educators can leverage social media users’ desire for free information to fill their courses organically. Participants will collaboratively experiment with multimedia to determine which combination of social media strategies work well with their teaching approach and discipline. The group will also discuss predictors of learning in social media groups and use those predictors to create long term social media pedagogy plans. Finally, participants will investigate how educators can mitigate negative aspects of social media, like corporate surveillance and data mining, while still delivering valuable content to engage social media learners.

Workshop Leader

Kenya Mitchell
Dr. Kenya Mitchell examines the uses of emerging technology in underrepresented communities, and how technology use impacts the evolution of those communities’ literacy and storytelling practices.
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