STEM: Critical, Socially Just & Open Pedagogies

What is, and is not, unique about teaching in the STEM disciplines? Can teaching a STEM course be a good excuse to avoid thinking about critical pedagogy and anti-racism? How do we do ungrading in STEM courses? Can students have as much power and control in a STEM classroom as in non-STEM classes? What can a pedagogy of Open Science bring to STEM teaching? In this track we will explore these questions, the impacts of STEM instructor self-awareness, empathy, and classroom climate on students, and how transforming curricular materials and teaching practices to be anti-racist, socially just, learner-centered and open can lead to greater success for students in STEM.

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Karen Cangialosi
Karen Cangialosi is the program director for the Regional Leaders of Open Education Network (RLOE), and the director of Open Ed & Open Science for the Institute for Racially Just, Inclusive and Open STEM (RIOS). A biology professor and fierce student advocate, she incorporates open pedagogy int…
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