Sustainable Learning Design

Critical digital pedagogy is the urgent work of change. For decades groups of people have worked towards actions on common goals to enact big changes in our planetary systems. The challenges of communicating and motivating the practical behaviour changes of sustainable development are urgent too.  

We’ll begin with the call that both sustainable development and critical digital pedagogy have the utter urgency of change in their core and require more than individuals acting alone. By bringing these two different urgent calls together – what might we learn?

Let’s ask questions of each other, by looking at how we write and read about learning in our online spaces. From the words and narratives that we use in our course descriptions, online learning materials and the values and frames at play in our online modules.

Starting by expanding our sustainability literacy together, in this track we’ll explore and cultivate our own common ground in the margins and edges between sustainability literacy and critical digital pedagogy.

This track is ideal for:



Angela Brown
Angela Brown is a Learning Designer at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.
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