Visual Culture

Social media connects us to one another and our professional communities. We use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to not only stay in touch with one another, but also to build a sense of who we are—personally, professionally—and to build our “brand.” We make countless small decisions about how we interact with each social media platform to reinforce exactly how we wish to be perceived, and possibly who we wish to be.

Different elements of visual rhetoric—color, angle, font, and more—are costumes people use to create their digital selves. In a time when aesthetics are key in online presentation, how does digital work done in the classroom influence student’s decisions around how they present their work? What kinds of pedagogical considerations are important in the “Instagram Age?” As students are curating their digital selves, how can teachers support students in exploring their own digital identity? Further, how can teachers work with students when it comes to doing digital work and publicizing their work?

Workshop Leader

Stefanie Chae
Stefanie Chae is the social media manager and assistant brand manager for Digital Pedagogy Lab.
Sean Michael Morris
Sean Michael Morris is the director of Digital Pedagogy Lab and Senior Instructor in Learning Design and Technology at the University of Colorado Denver.
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