What Counts as Making and Whose Making Counts? An Invitation to Make

In this interactive, hands-on workshop, participants will experience the use of “Make Cycles” as way to support students’ rights to compose and make meaning across the disciplines. Participants will be invited to create their own multimodal compositions and artifacts, and to consider how to support their students by sharing the responsibility of composing–what to make, how to make, how to distribute what they make–in their classrooms and beyond. To start, we will read a short excerpt from Jody Shipka’s (2005) “A Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing,” which provides a frame for a conversation about students’ composing practices, and more specifically, students’ rights to control and make decisions about their composing practices and products. Kim will share examples of her literacy activities and the use of “make cycles” to support student choice in meaning making. Participants will then be invited to work in teams with a variety of mentor texts to create their own multimodal compositions and artifacts.

Workshop Leader

Kim Jaxon
Kim Jaxon is an associate professor of English (Composition & Literacy) at California State University, Chico.
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