Women in Higher Education at Digital Pedagogy Lab

Digital Pedagogy Lab is pleased to announce a special partnership with Women in Higher Education for our 2019 event at the University of Mary Washington. We will welcome Kelly J. Baker, the newsletter’s editor, as a special guest and presenter at our August gathering, and we are proud to help spread the word about the very important resource WIHE represents.

According to their website,

WIHE is a monthly practitioner’s newsletter, designed to help smart women on campus get wise about how gender affects their being successful in the men-dominated world of higher education. Its goals are to enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage women on campus. By sharing problems and solutions, women can learn to talk back, refuse to accept blame and quit taking nonsense from people who are less enlightened.

Frank, direct, and uncompromising, the work of WIHE has been not only to provide access for women in higher education, but to open new doors, create better conversations, and change the climate in higher education for its female-identified practitioners.

Because the Digital Pedagogy Lab mission is to engage a community of learners and teachers to inspire educational approaches based on pedagogies, policies, and critical practices that support agency, creativity, and inquiry, we see a clear alignment between DPL and WIHE. This year, we hope to do ever more to empower women and trans women to become part of a wider community of educators making change and opportunity in higher education.

Please join us as we raise the bar on conversations about women in education with presentations from:

We hope to see you at Digital Pedagogy Lab 2019 so that you may help us and Women in Higher Education “enlighten, encourage, empower and enrage” toward change in education!

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